Mentorship Program

In 2017 we created the Mentorship program with the addition of our 10u team. The foundation of our program is built on our culture, family and sisterhood for the players. The sole intent is to provide an internal support system for the players on and off the field. In the infancy stages of the program each 18U player was assigned a 10U player.  The girls communicate, encourage and build bonds.  Bonds we are hoping last a life time. Now with the addition of our 16U team, each girl has been added to the 18u/10u mentor team.

As these young ladies continue to grow,  its critical they understand how important they are and have someone they can look up to. Its just as important for the older girls to understand they are role models and give them a level of accountability within the program.

So far the results have been phenomenal!!!!! Stay Tuned for more news and updates






The most impactful experience with the mentorship program for my daughter and us as parents was watching the PGF National championship game where our “big sisters” were playing.  To see that level of play, with the lights, and the cameras was very exciting.  My daughter was excited to share little inside information she knew about different players with me.  She was relating with the players and the game unlike she would have been able to if it was just some other 18U team.  And to see them win and get to go down and celebrate with her mentor was a memory of a lifetime.

This experience wasn’t just impactful for my daughter though, it also gave some lasting impressions to us as parents.  It was enlightening to watch how the parents, coaches and umpires interact at this level of play.  The parents were much calmer than we usually see at a 10U game. There was no coaching from the sidelines, just encouragement. There was no yelling at the umpires.  The coaches also had a different level of ease.  It gave us a chance for introspection, and opportunity to change how we act as parents.

So although this has been a great program for the girls, it really isn’t just the girls with mentors. It’s the whole softball family that can learn from each other.  We are so grateful for this and proud to be part of it.

                       Jennifer Fonti


This summer the mentor program helped my daughter through a very tough time. She had suffered a pretty tough injury and was missing games and trying to play hurt and not wanting to let her team down. She ended up connecting with her mentor who happened to also be injured. Her mentored assured her that they would both be fine taking some time off and healing so they could both be ready for PGF nationals. Her mentor text through the next few weeks with her checking on her injury and caring about her. Having the older players perspective on the injury was very reassuring to my daughter and helped her through this tough time.

April Steele